The blog attempts to shed light on contemporary Iran and her struggles. The team holds the view that it could best be done through an exploration of the country’s many paradoxes.
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We live in hope

Today - Monday, 10 October 2011 is the 9th World Day to raise awareness on the inhumanity of the death penalty throughout the entire process, from sentence to execution.

The puzzle of the Iranian economy

The puzzle facing the Iranian economy is that despite having all the raw ingredients for rapid economic development and industrialization, there has been a gradual but very clear downward spiral in industrialization and technological growth. M. Emadi

Artists oppression continues heavier than ever in Iran

The world's attention may have wandered from Iran, but recent reports from the country reveal a government that is as willing as ever to suppress artists ... – Soheil Parhizi

The nucleus option in the human rights diplomacy towards Iran 1/2

This short offers a reflection on how the cause of human rights in Iran could best be furthered, in light of the appointment of Dr Ahmed Shaheed as the new special rapporteur to Iran by the Human Rights Council of the UN.

Famous actress missing in Iran

According to the news site Deutsche Welle Persian, Germany's Persian broadcaster, there’s been no news of acclaimed actress Pegah Ahangarani for the past three days while the place of her detention remains unknown.

Some of Many Case Reports of Serious Violation presented to the side panel of the United Nations Human Rights Council

This report was presented to the side panel of the United Nations Human Rights Council and while preparing this article, we went to know that Dr.Taheri an academic entity, mentioned in this article is on hunger strike since May 4th.

Incarcerated Human Rights Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh: "I Object to these Sentences, With or Without a License to Practice the Law"

Nassrin Sotoudeh, an Iranian Human's rights Lawyer appeared in her court hearing at the Iranian Bar Association concerning the revocation of her license to practice the law with handcuffs and a big smile yesterday, a day before her 48th birthday.

A Mother's Heartbreaking Letter to Her Children

A widely respected Iranian human rights lawyer and prisoner of conscience, Nasrin Sotoudeh, has written a letter to her children, using a few pieces of napkins. The letter was written on napkins, as she had no access to any paper.

Calling Tehran on Skype; Iranian Diaspora's initiative

Iran's green movement supporters outside the country creatively use Skype to inform their compatriots inside the country on the protest to be held today 14 February (25 Bahman) as Green Movement leaders are incommunicado.

Student Protests on National Student Day

Negar Mortazavi - December 7th is the National Student Day in Iran, protests and events are held at universities around Iran and the World. (This post will be updated with more events) Photo: Tehran University event, 6 Dec 2010

Free My Family Campaign

Negar Mortazavi - A new campaign has started in the cyberspace, demanding the release of prisoners of conscience in Iran.

A tale of two women and an inconvenient truth

Entrusted with the responsibility to write the first post of this blog, I have been looking for a topical subject which would provide for an immediate introduction to contemporary Iran and offer an insight into my approach as one of the contributors to the blog. This, I found in the story of two women and the differing treatment they have so far received in Mainstream Western Media.