Student Protests on National Student Day

With the National Student Day coming up in Iran (December 7th) universities around the country have started planning protests and events.
A large event was held at Tehran University on December 6 commemorating the day. Here are a few videos, with students chanting "Release Political Prisoners" and "Down with the Dictator", "Down with the Government".
Watch (Photos) and Videos here and here


In "Avesina" University in Hamedan, students changed the background of the computers in their computer lab to the photo of a student activist from this university who is in Prison (Siavash Hatam).
Watch video here.


Student activists around the world have also planned events for this day. One of the themes is "Empty Chairs", a homage to students absent from their seats. Over 70 students are in prison, over 100 have been expelled from school, and an unaccounted number have been banned from entering university and dormitory grounds.

December 7th marks the National Student Day in Iran. The origin of this day goes back to 1953 where Tehran University students were protesting Nixon's visit to Iran. The CIA had just staged a Coup in Iran, toppling the government of Mohammad Mosaddegh, the elected Prime Minister. On December 7th, military forces entered Tehran University grounds, opened fire on the protesters and killed 3 students.

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